Monday, July 29, 2013

Saving the Best for Last!

Saving the Best Present for those that Wait!
Scriptural References: Psalms 27:14

     “Wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage; yes wait for the Lord.” Psalms 27:14

     When I was a child, Christmas time was a very exciting time for me. It was a time of family, celebration, and a time of reflection. It was a time of reflection because I had to retrace the previous 11 months quickly through my mind to see whether I had been a good girl or not. Many times my parents would pre-wrap some of my Christmas presents and place them under the tree. I often wondered why they would put so many presents under the tree before Christmas Eve. To me that was a form of torture because I would go by the tree several times to see if I could figure out what was wrapped in each of the beautifully wrapped presents?
     I would also check the boxes to see whose name was on each box and who they were from. Many times the boxes would have To: Julie, From: Mom & Dad. At that time I would shake and rattle the boxes in anticipation of what I thought was what I’d asked for.  After investigation for a couple of days, it was finally Christmas Eve. I had done everything in my natural (carnal) ability to figure out what it is that my parents had bought or promised to buy for me. I would always get mad because I felt I had been shown all these wonderful gifts but could not open them yet.
     Notice what I just said (wrote) I had done everything in (My) SELF (Julie) natural ability to figure out what my parents (ABBA) was doing or whether He was going to give me what I prayed for and what He had promised me.
     The psalmist David wrote in Psalms 27:14 “Wait for the Lord, b strong and let your heart take courage; yes wait for the Lord.” Watch how this works. As a child at Christmas time, I had plenty of causes to be in fear and lose courage. I had cut up 11 months prior to the one day that I knew was coming. I became anxious because I knew I had not done everything I was supposed to do. I was not 100% obedient to my parents (ABBA). There were times that anxiety would attack me and I would be filled with doubt. This is an occurrence of Christians today. This is why David writes in Psalms 27:14 … Be strong and let your heart courage. During the waiting period we often are given the opportunity to let our hearts grow weary. A person that has developed courage in there hearts has studied and meditates on the Word of God daily. Courage develops into trust. Being strong means that you know that you know God loves you! That His Word will not come back void, if you just wait on Him.
     Waiting on God is not laziness or indifference. Waiting means that you are ready to obey His commands. Waiting on Him means I have so ordered my life that nothing will conflict with the will of God when he speaks or directs. Waiting also means that I am alert, listening, dressed and ready to obey Your Father. We wait and watch while God works. It takes time for God to teach us to wait and have patience.
     Imagine if my parents had allowed me to open my Christmas presents before it was time. I would have ruined the surprise. I also would not have been ready for the responsibility for taking care of new things, it was not yet time. This biblical scripture is interesting in that it repeats the phrase, “Wait for the Lord” twice. Not only is this a scripture but it is a command from God himself. The basis of Psalms is that David was hurt and in trouble. David knew that God was listening to his prayers.

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